Nico & Kiki’s

Client: Nico & Kiki's
Services: Brand development & Design

Niko & Kiki’s offer a luxury eating experience for babies, children and parents, with health-conscious catering for younger age groups. Created with allergies and disabilities in mind, Niko & Kiki’s aim to provide an all inclusive experience for parents who want their children to have the best.

To reflect the upmarket nature of the products, Nico & Kiki needed modern, sleek and stylish branding to create a visual experience that represented their company ethos.


Working in collaboration with designers Laura Miele and Melissa Williams, we produced around 25 concepts to provide the client with a wide spectrum of choice, as they were unsure of their direction but knew the design needed to be high-quality and look high-end. From these initial ideas, the client chose elements of various designs they felt best resonated with them, and we worked together to create the final product.


Once we established the final design we produced business cards, product labels and flyers, all of which exceeded client expectations and were in time for the Christmas Market. Within a month, ALCMY generated an innovative brand for Nico & Kiki’s which increased customer interest.

We can’t wait to see Nico & Kiki’s on supermarket shelves in the near future.