Marcote UK Ltd

Marcote is a specialist coatings application company and over the past 30 years have offered a wide range of industrial coatings to a diverse international client base within a variety of industries.

Client: Marcote UK Ltd
Services: Web Development, Branding, Videography, Photography

Marcote – an industrial coatings company with a global reach, were looking to expand their client base. However their website had not been upgraded in a long time. The company wanted a new, modern look that would make it stand out from its competitors in the industrial sector. They also wanted complete revamping of their branding for marketing materials and to improve their social media presence.

In order to facilitate a complete overhaul across multiple media channels, we provided Marcote with an innovative solution which included Photography, Branding, Videography, Copywriting and Web Development.


We guided Marcote through the ideation process, finding the company’s core mission and values, determining colour schemes and an appropriate tone of voice. We also researched the competition to compare and find Marcote’s unique selling point. Our videography team visited the factory site to capture the essence of the company in order to translate this to a wider audience, as we aimed to present Marcote and their products as dynamic and exciting.


The business received a new website which far exceeded their expectations, and stood out against their competitors. Our multiple media content implementation led to an increase in lead generation, client interactions and brand awareness.

Marcote is continuing to flourish and are reaping the benefits of an improved reputation among clients and customers. Check out the site at;