Spraytag Apparel

Client: Spraytag Apparel
Services: Web Development, Branding, Marketing, E-Commerce

Spraytag Apparel is a series of pop-up shops happening up and down the UK in 2016/2017. We were tasked to create a simple one pager for data collection purposes and to keep people in the loop about where and when the pop-up shops would appear to begin with.

The site needed to have a young and fresh appeal, without coming across unprofessional or childish. We were essentially building a brand for our client from the logo to the website. It had to be on point and look reputable.


The website itself was built to update information seamlessly with social media integration of Twitter and Instagram, as these accounts were updated so was the website. The site also includes a countdown to the next event and a newsletter opt-in function for those who want more information and get in on any deals and offers.

The logo itself, simple, straight to the point, not working too hard to be youthful and clean. Recently E-commerce functionality has been added to the site.


The website is flawless, check it out; www.spraytagapparel.com. The client was over the moon with the outcomes and said we had exceeded her expectations with the outcome.


This will definitely be a brand to watch and we look forward to working with it again in the future and watching it grow. Watch this space for Spraytag Apparel.

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