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Website: outooapp.com
Services: Brand development & Design

Outoo is an exciting next generation event discovery and social mobile application. By helping you to find events you shouldn’t be missing out on and connect with people before you arrive, Outoo will revolutionise your social life. This all-in-one app makes going out that much more exciting.

It’s your best friend when it comes to searching for new events, exploring your city and discovering it’s hidden treasures with other people.


After the initial consultation, it became clear that Outoo wasn’t a typical dating/social app and the branding should avoid cliches such as hearts, male and female icons, cupid arrows etc… so we start with out of the box thinking around it is a location based app. Apps these days are quite abstract with their branding or blatantly obvious, we needed to find a cool, clean middle group between the two and we believe we found it with the final concept.


We studied and looked at competitor apps, leading apps and the most popular apps to get a feel for what works and what simply doesn’t, always bearing in mind the different formats the logo would be in, from a small app icon on a phone to marketing materials and posters.

With the final logo, we designed the concept messing around with the location pin idea and the icon doubling up as the O of Outoo. The client loved the concept and was even more impressed we managed to get it done within the 3-day deadline they had given us. Check them out at; www.outooapp.com


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