Nico & Kiki’s

Client: Nico & Kiki's
Services: Brand development & Design

Niko & Kiki’s had the vision of providing a luxury eating experience for babies, children and parents, with health-conscious catering for younger ages. Built with allergies and disabilities in mind, for parents who want their children to have the best.

With a target audience at the middle/higher end of the market pricing a high quality, professional, sleek design was a must to justify the price Nico & Kiki’s would be charging potential clients.


Working in Collaboration with designers Laura Miele and Melissa Williams, we came up with around 25 concepts as the client didn’t really have a clear direction they wanted to go in, they just knew it had to look good and high end. We gave them more than enough to choose from and gave them enough room to make a decision without too much of our input. Once the final ideas were put together we began to mess around with the agreed-upon gold and purple colour scheme.


Once we got the final design and colour scheme established, next came the design work, business cards, labels and flyers, all of which exceeded expectations and came out amazingly in time for the Christmas Market. The whole process took us around 4 weeks from start to finish and the client was over the moon with the design. They took our creative vision on board and the results speak for themselves.

We can’t wait to see this on supermarket shelves in the near future.

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