Lawless Sessions

Blending high-quality filming with unique locations and the raw soundscape of an acoustic session, Lawless is striving for infamy. Unsatisfied with the current acoustic offering in Birmingham, NUBI created the Lawless Sessions as the remedy.


Seeking the troika of talented artists, unique locations and superior audio/visual, Lawless seeks to capture the rawness of an acoustic session, supplanted into singular environments.

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Client: Lawless Sessions
Services: Videography, Branding, Design

Lawless Sessions

“There are tonnes of creative musical talent in Birmingham, but we need a platform to showcase what they’re truly about!”


Having already worked with Charlotte Carpenter, The Ellipsis and Charlie Pitt, Lawless has a host of artists lined up ready to be paired off with imaginative locations. The Lawless Sessions are a recognition of artistry in it’s most organic form and with no stipulation on genre or scene, highly adaptive by their very nature.

Final Outcome

“The Lawless Sessions are a recognition of artistry in its most organic form…”


The design work was done in-house, building an iconic timeless logo was the aim and we believe we have done this. The scope of Lawless extends well beyond the borders of the second city. Furthermore, we are branching out to cover a full spectrum of genres, next in line is a studio based collection of hip-hop cyphers; we have no intention of stopping there.

Lawless is a distinct representation, deserved of recognition from audience and sponsor alike. A name attached to this is a name attached to a millennial market that is notoriously difficult to reach. Like we said; Lawless is striving for infamy.

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