Customer Experience
in the age of Information.

With so much consumer choice, brands are turning to customer experience to differentiate themselves – the problem is, your competitors are doing the same – so how do you really stand out?

Customer Experience alone isn’t the answer.

Overlaying a well thought through customer experience (CX) strategy over your existing systems, processes, plans and products is doomed to fail. Instead, it should start with an idea, an innovative idea that over time can evolve and transform your organisation – allowing you to truly put customers at the heart of everything you do.

This approach allows you to test your theories and demonstrate an ROI before scaling the proposition across your entire organisation.


3 steps to a better customer experience…

Business Functions

In order to ensure that your customer experience strategy is truly transformative, your departments will have to closely collaborate and take ideas to fully-fledged propositions that have the potential to improve relationships and generate additional revenue.

Technology & Behaviour

It’s important to first understand about emerging technologies and what benefits it can bring to your organisation, however, it’s more important to understand how your customers will engage with this technology.

Loyalty & Advocacy

Creating loyal customers is a focus for most organisations but many overlook the opportunity to activate their promoters and turn them into word of mouth advocates – these customers can reduce marketing spend and give you a return of your customer experience initiatives.

“It was a really interesting day and gave us plenty of food for thought about how we can do things differently or better in the future. The whole day was very well organised and run, so kudos to you and your team at ALCMY. Many thanks!”

John Cusak, Head of Operations, Vygon

We can help you with…

Discovery & Development

– Discover innovative opportunities along your customer journey.
– Create customer-centric ideas that have the ability to transform your company.
– Develop customer-focused marketing strategies.
– Discover who your customers really are by developing personas.

Identify, Measure & Activate

– Identify the right customer experience technology for your business.
– Measure customer experience effectively and demonstrate a ROI.
(NPS, C-Sat, Customer Effort, Emotion)
– Activate your promoters and turn them into word of mouth advocates.
– Bring together your marketing, technology, people and customer experience so you have a cohesive and collaborative strategy.


“Whenever we work with an organisation we always invite a selection of their customers to participate, this invaluable exercise reveals important customer emotions, transformational ideas and valuable opportunities.”

Yiannis Maos, Chief Marketing Alchemist, ALCMY


Our team have been working in customer experience for over 10 years, over this time we’ve seen CX evolve from its humble beginnings to something that is essential for any brand wanting to succeed.

We know what works but most importantly we know what doesn’t, we don’t shy away from the difficult questions and we understand that CX is unique to your organisation, market and environment. We are more than just another CX Agency; we bring together our creative expertise, marketing knowledge and understanding of technology to deliver results that matter.



Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from exciting start-ups to global brands. We loved working with them all and continue to work with some. Here are a few we’re particularly proud of.


Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from exciting start-ups to global brands. We loved working with them all and continue to work with some. Here are a few we’re particularly proud of.

“Echoing the positive feedback. It was interesting, informative and underlined how CX has to be a whole company initiative to truly deliver. Thanks, ALCMY and the CXPA for putting it all together.”

Jane Nugent Marketing Director, Speedy Services