ALCMY™ Intern Diaries – Becoming an Alchemist

Hello, Idnaan here, I am the Digital Content Alchemist at ALCMY™. Let me introduce myself.

I graduated in July 2017 having studied Modern languages, specialising in French, Spanish and Russian. Throughout my time at University I always knew that I wanted to intern for an organisation that creates, innovates and inspires. I wanted to be at the heart of change, somewhere I could be creative, analytical and have my voice heard.

And then I found ALCMY™.

Why did I choose to intern at ALCMY™?

As soon as I walked through the doors I knew I needed to be here.

I was in complete awe of the space I was standing in. Samuel L. Jackson was in the corner staring at Salvador Dali, there were custom hieroglyphics on the wall and intricate, cool technologies throughout the studio.

The room was buzzing with activity. People were gathered around planning, creating, innovating. But, in all honesty, what surprised me the most was the sheer diversity of the Alchemists.

As a person of colour, I was finding there was a lack of diversity within the industry I wanted to be a part of, so I was pleasantly surprised when I met the Chief Alchemists as they were not only diverse but also inclusive in all aspects of their organisation.

I learned that the Alchemists transform the everyday into something extraordinary while thriving in a culture that promotes creative collaboration, innovative ideas and a determination to create meaningful impact in the world.

I knew I wanted to be a part of a company that looks to the future, but from my initial introduction to the Alchemists I realised that for them, the future is now.

What is an internship at ALCMY™ like?

I’ve been working at ALCMY™ as an intern for over 2 months now, during which I’ve had the opportunity to engage in innovative, disruptive and revolutionary projects. From apps that transform people’s lives, to thought-provoking strategies using technical innovations in order to create the meaningful and authentic customer experience.

No day is the same.

Whether it’s creating digital content, undertaking competitor analysis, creating a marketing strategy, attending an inspiring creative technology event, or being part of an exciting ideation session, the opportunities in what I do are endless.

What I love about ALCMY™ is that no idea is too big or too small. I am truly involved in the decision making and creation process, which means I can contribute to the outcome of a project.

One thing that remains consistent at ALCMY™ however, is the fascinating stream of idea generation. Within minutes an exciting in-house development can occur. We can be discussing something very ordinary and suddenly someone has an idea in reaction to a comment made. This then sparks a thought from another Alchemist which then ignites the team and then within mere moments the whiteboard is full of creative ideas for a new and exciting innovation. During my time at ALCMY™, I have progressed a lot in my personal and professional development. Working alongside people who are at the forefront of the industry has taught me an inexplicable amount. I have more insight into the working world and the creative and technology centred industries.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have been given a platform to improve and develop my skills within my work, whilst being part of an organisation that values the potential in its people.

ALCMY™ not only develops in-house talent but also provides a space for creatives to gather together, collaborate, create and learn.

I can only hope that as I continue to intern at ALCMY™, I will develop even further and will have the opportunity to help others in their creative journeys.

“We are the Alchemists – the creators, the rebels, breaking from the shackles of the mundane to transform and disrupt the future.”