So & Jo Boutique

“So and Jo Boutique is a womenswear brand creating an exclusive online shopping experience. After making an impact in the world of fashion, the UK based store has launched its Own Label collection. Designs from this collection have been crafted to express the individuality of the wearer, yet reflect the latest trends on the catwalk.”

Client: So & Jo Boutique
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

“Oozing sophistication and elegance, an outfit from So and Jo has just the right amount of sexiness.”


We decided to use a WordPress platform something we’re very advanced in and allows clients to continue maintaining their website long after working with us with ease.

The online platform had to work with ease, with the user experience in mind. Limiting the number of clicks from shop to purchase is important and the website looking both professional and trustworthy to visitors using their card details and purchasing online.

The website is clean, minimal and professional looking in all aspects as well as built with UX and UI in mind.


The So and Jo Boutique website looks amazing, modern clean and fresh, the content on the site compliments the copy, and really works well with the brand, put against any big brand it stands alone which was important.


We wanted So and Jo Boutique to feel professional and as if it had been in the game for years, instead of a start-up fashion brand with a dodgy website. The website began generating sales within a week of it going like and continues to do very well. Check it out at;

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