NUBI X NewUrban

We’re here for you; the trendsetters, the innovators, the entrepreneurs and the creators. You are the young people on the cutting edge of culture.

Client: NUBI Guys
Services: Creative, Videography, Content Marketing, Music

Alongside our new publication; NewUrban we wanted to launch a YouTube channel, something to both showcase our videography and our capabilities as a creative agency, but also create new content outside of just articles for our social media and marketing purposes.


Working with creatives of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes we began creating in-depth interviews and snippets to give an insight into their lives, what they do, why they do it and any advice they may have for anyone hoping to start their own creative careers in something they love doing.


Our YouTube channel has now launched and has quite a few high quality videos that perfectly capture the personality and passion behind the creative individuals. We have a number of great shoots lined up for the near future and hoping to work with some bigger names in the coming 2017.

Check out the YouTube channel and the full series here;

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