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Our sister publication was in need of a sleek, professional redesign to coincide with a reorganisation and refocusing of our purpose. The branding had to reflect the futuristic, creative focused ethos of NUBI and provide a visually appealing reader experience and would be used as the Magazine expanded into other forms of content such as video and a quarterly digital e-book publication.

Client: NUBI
Services: Website Design, UX/UI, Content Marketing


The website had to be user-friendly for our team of writers and compatible with a wide range of devices so our readers could view our content anywhere.


We decided to use a WordPress platform which many of our writers would be familiar with from their own blogging, and could be taught easily to those who weren’t. To ensure the site maintains a high-quality look as the content is added we also came up with a strict set of guidelines regarding image size and quality and article SEO.

As we use the site to develop emerging talent it was important to avoid the negative connotations that come with youth such as inexperience; we instead constructed something that could compete visually with other major online publications.

Final Outcome

NUBI Magazine enjoys a steady stream of content and has continued to grow its visitor figures month after month. Our writers are continuing to develop their skills and more of our articles are achieving viral status.

We also use the NUBI Magazine platform to promote multimedia ventures such as Lawless Sessions, events and goings-on locally and globally, and up-and-coming talent in the various creative scenes worldwide. NUBI Magazine also allows us to maintain a constantly updating web presence that showcases the core values of NUBI.

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